From principal’s Desk

Greeting to you

I take this page to communicate to our stakeholders to express my gratitude. This penning is a special page to all our dear parents to say thank from myside for all the assistance and support I enjoyed from you. I would like to extend my heart-felt thanks for all the support and co-operation extended to us by various means in times of needs throughout the academic year 2017-2018. I believe and expect that I will surely get the same warmth in the coming academic year too.  I would like to list a few infra-structural, Curricular, Co-curricular and extracurricular initiations we have done to facilitate the children’s learning process in 2017-2018.

I would like to quote form Robert frost’s lines

The woods are deep dark and lovely but we have miles go before we sleep......

Infra-structural Development

With help of God almighty we could able to do a lot of infrastructure development in the campus to facilitate children to do better in their learning process. A few I would like to list, Air-conditioned computer labs for seniors and juniors, Conference rooms for the students of higher section to do the Seminars and presentation sessions, paved- block path around the school campus. Chapel, library, Bus shed stationery rooms, Record room, Park for KG Tiny-tots etc.,

Curriculum development

Smart boards with Wi _Fi connection is installed in all the class rooms to facilitate the teachers to teach the subject with current trends and to give scope for extended reading The curriculum was enhanced by adding special science, Maths, Hindi and communicative English. 20no’s of new smart board were fixed. So that all the class room have audio visual aid. We take efforts to tap the special talent of the children which is hidden in them and nurture it to develop their holistic personality in a unique way.

Security and safety measures

New security Bureau was installed to ensure the security of the children. We are planning to install Automatic Attendance Through Face Recognition, so that as soon as the child enters in and moves out of the school campus parent will get the indication in their mobile.

The Agenda for the academic year 2019-2020

We look forward to continually Enrich and Enhance the Teaching - Learning process to be more interesting and child centered.  We are planning to reach them by converting the Extra - curricular activities in to   co-curricular activities by organizing different clubs such a Dance, Music, science, Literary, Art and Sports. Special coaches will be appointed along with our teaching faculty in carrying out this venture. For classes IX, X,XI,XII- students will have integrated curriculum to face the competitive exams  their future..

Value Education

To develop the Moral and Ethical life values of life a child, we will have an action plan to empower the child by providing regular updates of happening, counselling and mentoring. We would also like to guide them regulating their Uniform, hair do:s and conducting them selves in a upright ,acceptable and decent manner.

Kinder Garden Curriculum

The curriculum of the kinder Garten is designed and planned for the coming academic year in association with SPRING BOARD – An Experienced Designers in Nursery curriculum. They introduced a new approach. “The continuum of Progressive Learning, which is a unique programme specialized in skill development from curiosity to competence. The Spring Board programme offers experiential Learning in full filled manner to bring about the holistic development of children. The uniqueness of this programme is children are exposed to Visual, Auditory and kinesthetic stimuli to cope with the syllabus without much effort. It also offers Eclectic blend of sight words, Picture words and phonics. Collection of Rhymes & songs is another interesting feature in the Spring board collection which is designed concepts and theme wise approach. This will certainly develop the socio-emotional, cognitive, communitive and physical development of the child. The course also introduces children of nursery to readiness skills for number writing, sorting, grouping, identification and distinction of objects and pictures. Above all this curriculum is designed to tap the delivery and communication skill of the child in the basic level and promote the child’s potential in cognitive thinking and expression of ideas in a creative manner. I would like to ensure all the stake holders that as said earlier   WE HAVE MILES TO GO BEFORE …….I will try my best with your support .Wishes and regards. Mrs. Vimala Angelina Principal