Every year we celebrate the U.N.O. Day in our school on 24th October. So this year 2011, the students of Std.X actively participated to make this celebration a memorable one.

The programme commenced with Bible reading by Steffi of Std. VIII followed by a meaningful and thoughtful prayer by Joanna Sowmya of X- A. Praveli Krithika. G. of Std X-B acted as Mr. Bankimoon, the secretary General of UNO. and gave us lot of interesting information about his early career and how he came to power. She also highlighted the achievement of UNO and explained how well it is functioning for the promotion of world peace.

The students of Std X performed a tableau on the Organs and agencies of UNO, highlighting their activities and it was awesome. They also performed a colourful and splendid Choreography highlighting Unity and peace. The U.N.O. Day celebration came to an end with the U.N.Anthem, “We are united”. The programme was very informative and it brought out the theme on National Integration and world peace which is the need of the hour.

– Latha Premkumar, History Department.